Avis: Showing the ROI on Social Media Marketing

by: Mark Rogers

A lot of brands are dipping their toes into social media marketing. They naturally want to know what ROI they can expect. For that reason we are delighted that our client Avis UK has gone public with the results of their 2 year experiment in monitoring and responding to online conversations. They are experiencing double digit growth in a sector (car rental) that is growing at 1% per annum.

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TV Ads 'a Waste of Money' for the Back-in-Black Gap - Advertising Age - News

by: David Polinchock

I started to write about this article to focus on this the headline of this article TV Ads 'a Waste of Money' for the Back-in-Black Gap, 40% Jump in Profits Indicates Merchandising Initiatives Are Paying Off -- when I got to the bottom of the article where they had this to say:

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Net Promoter Score: The Barack Obama of the Management World

The Net Promoter Score is the Barack Obama of the management world.

I’ll explain: According to what I’ve read, Barack Obama has received a free pass in the press. So does NPS.

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ROI for Communities

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Dashboard Spy: A Blog About Business Dashboards

by: Ilya Vedrashko

If you are into interfaces and analytics and visualizations, you will like Dashboard Spy, a fairly new blog that already has amassed dozens of screenshots of executive dashboards, including indicators of advertising effectiveness.

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Enterprise 2.0 … Show me the ROI

by: Christian Smagg

While Enterprise 2.0 is often described as “web 2.0 meets the enterprise”, what Enterprise 2.0 encompasses is much bigger. Enterprise 2.0 represents a radical change in the way businesses operate and is as much about the people, the culture and the processes as it is about the technology, tools and platforms.

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The Marketer's Bushido (SlideShare)

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HeadOn Spots Effective in Driving Sales

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Presentation: Thoughts on Marketing Accountability

by: Alain Thys

In the 20 years I've been in business, keeping score has been simple.  When I hit double-digit growth and profit numbers for Mexx or Reebok ... times were good. When my dot-com incubator imploded ... times were bad.  Yet for the years I've had "marketer" on my business card, I've never been able to figure out whether the near € 100 million I've helped burn, really made a difference.  And that bothers me.

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The ROI on Brand Versus the Value of Brand

I had an email exchange recently with a friend who raised some excellent questions and views on the topic of branding that I thought I’d share here (with permission, but anonymously):

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