Social Media ROI - A Calculator for Not for Profit Campaigns

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8 Ways that Real CMO's Cut Their Budget

by: Alain Thys

I always say that if you gotta' do something, you gotta' do it right. And when it comes to cutting marketing budgets, that rule applies as well. Real CMO's know the question is not to decide how much red ink should be used. They see their challenge in cutting wisely. Reducing marketing spend while keeping sales intact. Ensuring customer loyalty when there's less funds to please the customer. Building the brand when there's no cash to do it.

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Games & Virtual Worlds Are Dying? So What's the ROI?

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Expert Advice for B2B Marketing: The Top 5 Tips from Our Thought Leaders

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What's Your Return on 'Celebrity' When You Have Your Brand Endorsed by a Celebrity?

by: Idris Mootee

Using celebrity to endorse brands can work both ways. It is till difficult to put a ROI on it. You can argue if you have a really good idea that brings out the USP (Unique Selling Proposition) of a product or brand in a humorous and relevant way, why do you need to pay a celebrity?

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Five Things that Probably Won't Happen in Social Media in 2009

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ROI Math for Brands on Twitter

by: Ilya Vedrashko

Tweetwasters, a new Twitter-based toy,  calculates the total amount time you spent twittering by multiplying all your tweets by 30 seconds (a conservative estimate, in my opinion, since you probably spend more time reading than typing).

I thought it would be interesting to check a few of the brands I follow (the links are to the corresponding tweetwaster pages):

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Advice about Social Media for CEO/CMO and Other Senior Executives

by: Karl Long

In the recent Marketing Vox report Marketers Still Face Steep Web 2.0 Learning Curve several quotes jumped out at me, indicating that companies are still very unclear about the value of social media. Quotes like:

“Despite a lack of expertise, more than 67% report they will increase their Social Media advertising budget in 09.″

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Super Bowl Redux, Redux Pt.2

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Fart jokes. Bad puns. Scantily clad models. 

That's what the commercials on Super Bowl Sunday will give us next month. Created to appear but once in the light of TV, the spots will endeavor to out-dare one another in a virtual arms-race of foolishness, ribaldry, and expense.

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Measuring Social Media (3) - Podcast Interview with David Armano

by: Mark Rogers

David Armano of Critical Mass, author of an excellent blog on social media - what he calls micro interactions - gives us his perspective in a podcast interview (10 mins) on ways to measure in social media, and how to judge ROI.

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