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Deciding on Your Big Strategic Innovation Move? Don't Forget One Small Detail: How Do You Make Money?

Technology-based companies typically make one common mistake: They get too caught up in technological innovation, particularly developing new technologies, or get too obsessed with the next killer technology and think the world revolves around their latest invention. Even if they find the right applications for their technologies, they often defer the serious effort needed to figure out how they create economic value – or how do they make money?

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Dell Makes $3 Million on Twitter. What Can We Learn?

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Do You Have a Business Model? Advertising Is Not a Business Model

by: Karl Long

First of all, what the hell is a business model anyway? As with many terms used in strategy and business it is often used in different ways and interpreted differently by different people. Lots of entrepreneurs and misguided bloggers will conflate advertising and business model, but this is a mistake. Advertising could be your “revenue model” but it is not your business model.

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Branding and Top-Line Growth

by: Jennifer Rice

The April issue of Harvard Business Review has an interesting article called "Take Command of Your Growth." The author outlines 5 revenue sources from which to build revenue growth:

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