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Should Publishers Refocus on ARPU?

Newspaper and magazine publishers (and other media owners) typically run their businesses based on segmented revenue streams such as circulation, advertising, promotions and so on. The revenue streams often report vertically, ensuring that the focus is on vertical strategies and execution first, and horizontal second. But could it be the right time for publishing businesses to refocus around a central guiding metric such as average revenue per user? Here's five reasons why that might be a good idea:

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Making Money from Social (2)

I've lost count of the number of people who have told me that the problem with social is that you can't make any money out of it. Yet content owners and producers the world over continue to wrestle with what Scott Karp calls 'the 10% problem' - the problem that if you apply old school media principles to digital content you find that revenue per user is typically a fraction of the revenue per offline viewer, reader, or listener.

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Making Money from Social

I have a bit of a beef about this. I must have read a hundred posts on this subject, many of them attempting to define an elusive 'social media model'. I'm not convinced that this is the right place to start. Social media is not a channel. Nor is it a tactic. There is no 'Media' at the end of the title to this post because rather than obsess about a media model, I think it better to start at what is at the centre of that model - the value you are creating. JP Rangaswami said recently:

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