Red Letter Days -- Activity Day and Gift Experience Vouchers

by: David Polinchock

So, I was shopping at Harrods while in London last week and I picked up a catalogue for Red Letter Days, a company that provides experience gift certificates. I mean, this was some cool stuff! How's this for some examples:

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The End of Shopping - New York Times

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Siemens Invents Video Labels for Food

by: Alain Thys

If you thought narrowcasting and digital displays where the thing to focus on as a trendy marketeer, then think of this one.  Siemens has come up with a new type of electronically enhanced label which allows projecting video on the label itself.

Imagine going for eggs and actually seeing the chicken run around on the packaging.  Harry Potter ?  Long-term future ?  Not really, Siemens expects the product to be commercially available in 2007.

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IKEA world

by: Sebastian Campion

Swedish furniture retailer IKEA and construction-firm Skanska has teamed up and launched a series of attractive apartment buildings throughout Scandinavia.

The BoKlok (literally: LiveSmart) apartments have been specifically developed for average-income families and are highly flexible and easy to decorate.

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