Greening Consumption

by: David Wigder
An Interview with Michel Gelobter, Founder and EVP of Cooler

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Offline Retailers and Online Expectations

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Sensory Marketing to Jolt Espresso Sales

by: Roger Dooley

One of the keys to the phenomenal success of Starbucks has been that its stores offer a consistent and appealing sensory experience. The music, colors, and lighting are all important, but clearly the wonderful coffee aroma is what dominates one’s senses on entering a Starbucks outlet.

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Kinset: “Straight Retailing” 3D VR

 by: C. Sven Johnson

I’ve just given Kinset, a 3D virtual shopping application, (Link) a spin. Before I offer my opinion, let’s start off with what it’s supposed to be. From the website:

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Blog Action Day: Wal-Mart's Sustainability Summit

by: Joel Makower

Last week's Live Better Sustainability Summit, held just outside of Bentonville, Arkansas, was yet another in what seems to be an accelerating series of "whoda thunk" moments. Bentonville, of course, is  hometown to Wal-Mart, which sponsored the event, a daylong conclave that brought together more than a thousand people to a nearby convention center

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French Supermarket Casino Labels Eco-Friendliness of its Products

by: Alain Thys

Now here's a green programme that's pragmatic, inspiring and at the same time simple enough that it could make consumers care.  In 2008, the French supermarket Casino intends to label its products according to their eco-friendliness.  The move follows an earlier announcement by Britain's Tesco who will start tracking the CO2 footprint of its products.

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Poor Service Results in Major Retail Loss

by: David Polinchock

Anyone who read this blog will say "no kidding" when they read this, but glad to see someone is actually putting some research together. Maybe now people will listen!

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HeadOn Spots Effective in Driving Sales

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Marketing to women – old and young

by: Dick Stroud

Saatchi & Saatchi has research showing that consumer electronics manufacturers and retailers are annually missing out on £600m of sales because they are failing to connect with women.

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Ideo, the Shopping Cart and the Halo Effect. What Is - Really - Good Design?

The Ideo Shopping cart
(Almost) Anybody interested in innovation knows about the IDEO process and the well-famed Ideo shopp

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