Six Areas Where B2B Marketers Should Up Their Game

In many B2B companies, marketing is still regarded as a secondary, non-essential part of the business.  Whether this opinion is justified, depends on the situation.  But these days, it is an expensive opinion to hold.

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A Few Thoughts on Name Changes & Reputation

I’ve changed my name twice. First, I took my (now ex) stepfather’s last name when I was a child. At 18, I started the process to take my maternal grandfather’s name to honor him and to create an identity that meant something to me. The process was finalized when I was 22. And let me tell you, it was a Pain in the F* Ass.

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Smoking Pot in a Fishbowl

The Harvard Business Review has posted yet another blog post waxing poetic on the magic of social media marketing that substitutes the comments of cheerleaders for even a hint of editorial responsibility or factual accuracy. Letting it get away with running such nonsense would be like shrugging at an Encyclopedia Brittanica entry on the truthiness of the Piltdown Man. 

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Pew Research Confirms that Youth Care about Their Reputation

In today’s discussions about privacy, “youth don’t care about privacy” is an irritating but popular myth. Embedded in this rhetoric is the belief that youth are reckless risk-takers who don’t care about the consequences of their actions. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
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Total Recall: Toyota and the Future of Green Marketing

What does Toyota's travails mean to green marketing?

That question seems ripe these days, as the leading Japanese auto maker gets a comeuppance for its allegedly serious safety defects — and the more than 8 million cars it has recalled worldwide as a result. Toyota, after all, had become a darling of the eco-minded, a case study in the green halo that can inure to old-line companies that bring environmental innovation to mainstream audiences. Toyota seemed to have done it the right way: with products that weren't just greener, but better — in this case, high-aesthetic, high-performance, affordable cars.

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When Brand Names Go Bad

This blog posting is not specific to the 50-plus.

During my career I have been involved, a number of times, in trying to devise new brand names. It never ceases to amaze me how much time companies spend on this activity and how introspective and complex they become. This year I written a lot about Age Concern/Help the Aged long and laborious journey to come up with the name AgeUK.

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Four Ways that B2B Social Media Marketing Builds Brands and Generates Leads

Yesterday, I described the important role that strong, risk-mitigating brands plays in inbound lead generation. This is where B2B social media marketing comes in, since it provides a way for any company, not just large multi-national corporations, to build strong brands that in turn generate quality inbound leads.

Here are four key ways that social media builds brands.

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Your Reputation Sucks

(NOTE: This essay draws on a chapter in my new book, Bright Lights & Dim Bulbs, which identifies nine radical branding and marketing insights for innovative business leaders to watch in 2010).

In case you haven't noticed it, almost every public and commercial establishment blew up this year. Your reputation and brand aren't what they used to be.

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Brand Threat Management in the Age of Cyberscamming

by: Joseph Mann

Is the soft global economy eroding brand value? A new study by the CMO Council seems to say so. Their global audit of 306 marketers titled "Protection From Brand Infection" reports that trademark infringement and brand knockoff artists are moving increasingly online.

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Five Strategies for Building Your Ethical Brand

by: Jennifer Rice

There’s been a lot of discussion about elevating corporate responsibility to become a strategic driver of your business. Most companies would like to benefit from their ethical efforts in the form of increased customer attraction and loyalty, yet few have figured out how to do it successfully. When marketing and PR are relied on, it can often backfire in accusations of greenwashing. The secret is to apply brand-strategy principles to build your ethical reputation.

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