State Of CX 2015 – Nunwood’s UK Analysis: What Are the Key ‘Findings’ (Part 1)

It’s the time of the year where I share my take on the latest CX research published by unwood. Worth pointing out that Nunwood has been acquired by KPMG so is now KPMG-Nunwood. Back to the research titled: A New Era of Experience Branding. You can download this by going to the KPMG-Nunwood website.

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The DNA of a Successful Customer Experience

What are the Six Pillars that Nunwood has dubbed "the DNA of a successful customer experience?"

I was recently sent an advance copy of the 2015 Nunwood US Customer Experience Excellence Report. The report focuses on best practices in the US market, investigating which businesses excel, why, and how UK brands can learn from US customer experience leaders. (Nunwood is based in London.)

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The Report Report: Products, Packaging, CFOs, Cleantech, and More

Perhaps it’s seasonal, but the past few weeks have seen a gusher of studies, surveys, analyses, and reports from a wide range of organizations, including three of the Big 4 accounting firms. I’ve perused the latest crop and summarized six of them below.

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How B2B Buyers Really Use Social Media: Insights from the 2012 Buyersphere Report

The annual Buyersphere report from BaseOne, in conjunction with B2B Marketing, Research Now, and McCallum Layton, consists of interviews with B2B buyers who have made actual business purchases in the last 12 months. By asking detailed questions about the actual journey the buyers went through, the report gives what it calls “concrete, reliable findings [that can] be used to convince your clients, persuade your bosses, and defend your decisions”.

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A Report You Must Add To Your Library

Last week I was in Dublin attending a conference organized by the Ageing Well Network.

The keynote speaker was Dr. David Bloom who is the Professor of Economics and Demography in Department of Global Health and Population, Harvard School of Public Health. His session was about those  outcomes of demographic trends that are inevitable and those that are not. David is an excellent, thought provoking speaker.

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Prof. David Bloom's Presentation About Population Ageing

Earlier this week I wrote about a report that you had to download that was published by the Ageing Well Network.

In keeping with Irish hospitality, they have now released the presentation given by Prof. David Bloom. This you should also download. 

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Report Download – The Growth, Current Use and Future Direction of LinkedIn

Guest Post by: John Fell

Today sees an end to our focus on LinkedIn and the launch of our new report about the growth, current use and future direction of LinkedIn.

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IPad/Tablet Usability - A Free Report

I am a great fan of Jakob Nielsen. He always talks a great deal of sense about usability and has been around long enough to witness all of the cycles of fashion in design in user interfaces. He very kindly is making available, for zilch, a really detailed report about iPad usability.

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Are Social Networks Tapped Out?

Guest Post by: Monica Shaw

A recent eMarketer report revealed that social networking has reached a “saturation point”. Currently, 63.7% of US web users use social networks. This number is only expected to grow to 67% by 2013.

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Thank You Pew - Thank You Aging in Place Technology Watch

It is fitting that probably the best two US sources of information and comment about older people and how they use technology conclude 2010 with more insights into the way the factors of ageing and technology interrelate and how things might change in the future.

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