Viral Video Is a Secret Weapon Many Are Still Learning to Use. It Is Highly Engaging. Advertisers Ask Why Are We Paying for Reach when What All We Want Is Engagement? Think Viral!

by: Idris Mootee

When most people think about viral videos, they think of a crazy idea (often funny) that is irrelevant to the brand and put it out there to see what happens. The field has gotten much more crowded in the past 12 months but the behavior of sharing video is more common and bloggers help create more space for that. iPhone is another factor.


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What Will Happen to the Music Industry?

by: Nancy Baym

Since MIDEM, I have been reflecting a lot on the future of the music industry. As I wrote below, as an outsider, I was discouraged by what seemed to be backwards thinking regarding what I see as the great opportunities of the era of the networked audience.

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remix culture and fair use: a new study

by: danah boyd

Folks over at the Center for Social Media have just released a new study on copyright and creativity. They identify nine common types of re-appropriation practices that use copyrighted material:

  • Parody and satire: Copyrighted material used in spoofing of popular mass media, celebrities or politicians (Baby Got Book)

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Night of the Living Dead Productions: Culture remix in the age of interactivity

by: John Sviokla

When it comes to content, the internet collapses time. "Now”, “then”, and in some cases even the “future”, is a click away.

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