A Better Forecast

As I write this essay, today's weather forecast is for a high of 75 and a low of 61. I have no idea what that means.

It's going to be nice, for sure, but will it be 75 this morning or sometime later in the day? Will it be 75 for a while or only a brief moment? 75 to 61 is a 14-degree range, so is the spread dramatic or not? Does 75 feel almost like 80, or more like 70? Something in the low 60s isn't necessarily warm but coolish, right?

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Are Brain Scan Findings Fishy?

Some neuroscientists have long been critical of fMRI brain scans, complaining that the technique’s colorful images may cause their data to be weighted beyond their merit. Now, two skeptical groups have published data suggesting that the way we interpret brain scans is downright fishy.

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Skatin' On Thin Ice - May 2006

by: Iqbal Mohammed

Do the controversies of the last year put an end to Wikipedia's rapid rise into prominence? Has the open source model of knowledge gathering and dissemniation been dealt a killer blow? Or is it just a passing storm and is Wikipedia going to emerge stronger?

Find out in this column, the second of a continuing series that focuses on the world of the future.

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