to remember or to forget? on babies and beer goggles

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musing on making things real

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Most people aren't interested in reunions because they use Myspace to keep up

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once used birthday invites as leverage - now its myspace top 8

by: Lynette Webb 

The full quote, which I’ve paraphrased a bit above just to make it fit, is:
"As a kid, you used your birthday party guest list as leverage on the playground. 'If you let me play I'll invite you to my birthday party.' Then, as you grew up and got your own phone, it was all about someone being on your speed dial.

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The Biases of Links

by: danah boyd

I have a hard time respecting anyone who believes that science or technology is neutral. Unfortunately, even when people consciously know that they are not, they give credence to the biased outputs without questioning the underlying assumptions. This is why i'm an academic - nothing gives me greater joy than to think about what biases go into the creation of a particular system.

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