Knowledge Handling - the Neglected Opportunity

by: Sigurd Rinde

I believe we are making a huge and unconscious mistake in how we handle knowledge; how we capture, organise and distribute facts and information for assimilation. It might have a wide-ranging negative impact on all what we do, and I think we should do something about it.

Knowledge is the source of our wealth, well-being, and hope for the future.

Knowledge is facts, information and skills acquired by experience or education.

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Race Relations and Internet Fandom

by: Nancy Baym

The New York Times has an interesting article today about being a black fan of indie rock (they do have the cultural memory to point out that the whole darn genre of rock was invented by black people), that includes this interesting paragraph:

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A Personal Relationship Makes All the Difference

by: John Caddell

I am working on two consulting possibilities at the moment. #1 is right in my sweet spot, basically leveraging the work I've done the past fifteen years. #2 is more of a stretch, and would ask me to work in a few areas where I have peripheral knowledge or no experience at all.

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Personal Networks - Useful Anywhere

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Selling 'Innovation' and the RFP game

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loss of context for me on Facebook

by: Danah Boyd

Le sigh. I lost control over my Facebook tonight. Or rather, the context got destroyed. For months, I've been ignoring most friend requests. Tonight, I gave up and accepted most of them. I have been facing the precise dilemma that I write about in my articles: what constitutes a "friend"? Where's the line?

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The Mating Mind: Is Boosting Sex Appeal the Brain’s Primary Purpose?

by: Roger Dooley

The Mating Mind. A prof at the University of New Mexico has an interesting suggestion: the evolution of the human brain was largely driven by finding better ways to appeal to the opposite sex.

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Avant-Garde Dating

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The Top Ten Reasons Why PR Doesn't Work

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The Conversation Age

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