The FTC and the Strange Death of the Celebrity Endorsement?

Lost in all the hoopla about the new blogger guidelines on endorsements and testimonials is the rather important issue of celebrity endorsements. Given a narrow interpretation of the FTC Guidelines, it's clear that these expanded rules on The Use of Advertisements and Testimonials in Advertising could have a chilling effect (it's a legal term, look it up) on the way brands deploy celebrities as spokespersons.

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The Era of Cheap S--t Is Over

by: John Caddell

Our kids' piano teacher lets our kids choose a little prize after their lessons, if they've tried hard and been attentive. The other day, my wife said, after tripping over one of these dollar toys for the millionth time, "I may have to tell her to start bringing candy, instead of these little toys. I can't keep up with all the crap."

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Thinking Green in a Blue Economy

by: Joel Makower

A few weeks ago, I keynoted a conference of leaders from the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area — corporate executives, government officials, nonprofit leaders, and at least one university president. During the Q&A portion, one corporate VP asked how to weigh the implementation of environmental initiatives that don't have attractive returns on investments. "How can I justify putting money into things that don't make business sense?" she asked.

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Open Skies Agreement Provides a Glimpse of What's to Come in a Carbon-Regulated Environment

by: David Wigder

Today, many executives, and especially those working in carbon-intensive industries, are grappling with how future carbon regulation may impact their businesses and industries.

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just because we can, doesn't mean we should

by: danah boyd

Learning to moderate desires and balance consequences is a sign of
maturity. I could eat only chocolate for all of my meals, but it
doesn't mean that I should. If I choose to do so anyhow, I might be
forced to face consequences that I will not like. "Just because I can
doesn't mean I should" is a decision dilemma and it doesn't just apply
to personal decisions. On a nation-state level, think about the cold

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