True Lies

A recent Nielsen study revealed that people most trust what their friends say about stuff, and that they trust generic online consumer opinions as much as they do branded communications.

I think this has more to do with the contextual reality of the expectations than it does with any inherent trustworthiness in a particular communications medium (or lack thereof).

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Re-designing #followfriday

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First Direct Creates Customer Recommendations Community

by: Chris Lawer

First Direct, a progressive UK bank, pushes further ahead with its customer advocacy strategy by creating Little Black Book - a recommendations site for First Direct customers to post tips and advice on restaurants, travel, shops, people, reliable builders, money-saving tips etc. etc.

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Barcode Scanner Apps for Android Reviewed

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by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

I saw the musical "Legally Blonde" on Broadway Saturday last night, and now I'm a marked man.

You see, soon after being seated, my daughter caught the blow-in offer that fell out of the program: "send a text, and you could win a CD of the show before it ends." We normally resist all of the exhortations to share an email that come with every product, magazine, or web site my teen daughter visits. 

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Why the Net Won't Turn Us All into Social Isolationists

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Personalization Bashing - Almost

by: Gary Hayes

A surprising article from New York times right in the epicentre of personalized media. Entitled “Like This? You’ll Hate That.” the article begins on the personalization-bashing band wagon, citing the recent Wal-Mart fiasco and ends thankfully on the side of ‘this-personalized-thing-seems-to-make-sense’. The article also brings key terms into the readers conciousness by referring to:

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