Recession Forces Luxury Brands to Target the Wealthy

The first thing that popped up on “must blog” list is another item about luxury.

According to a Luxury Institute study, summarized by AdWeek, state-of-the-market series, 77% of high-end shoppers "agreed that luxury is less important in today's economy."

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"Luxury Shame" a Byproduct of the Recession

According to the consulting group Bain & Co, shoppers are suffering from "luxury shame". These results appear in its latest report about the global luxury industry.

The WSJ (sorry subscription only) covers this research and has a fascinating article about the trials and tribulations of the luxury suppliers.

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Green Consumers and the Recession: Is It Really Different This Time?

How have consumers' green shopping habits changed during these tough economic times? There are at least a couple schools of thought: one, that green consumerism has gotten steamrolled by the recession, viewed as a luxury no longer affordable; the other, that green shopping has endured as consumers go back to basics, rethinking the need to consume, redefining what it means to be fulfilled, and becoming less wasteful and more conscious of the impact of their purchases.

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The Birth of the “Cautionary Generation”

This blog posting by Jay Suhr makes a great deal of sense in which he tries to answer the question that fascinates me: “is the recession a defining moment for our consumer-driven society.” If it is, what impact will it have?

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The Good Old Recession and the 50-plus

I have already referenced that I was talking at a conference in Switzerland about “Mature Marketing”.

You can now see and hear what I was saying by downloading this Flash version of the presentation. Enjoy – probably not the right word. Be worried – probably more appropriate.

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Are You too Young to Remember 'Normal'?

I am getting a bit of a reputation for being a doomster. I am not. I hope I am just being realistic about what is happening with the economy – for that read the US and UK. These countries may have very different health systems, if you believe the babble in the media, but unfortunately they share many of the same economic problems.

This comment from Wal-Mart’s CEO (Mike Duke) makes for scary reading.

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Increasing Sales Leads: Thought Leadership with Marvin Miletsky

In a down economy, what changes to lead generation can B2B sales and marketing professionals do to increase sales? Our next interview in the B2B Marketing thought leader interview series (a series covering the entire revenue cycle, from the earliest stages of demand generation and lead management to the pursuit of revenue and customer loyalty) seeks to find these answers with 35+ year sales veteran Marvin Miletsky, co-author of Perspectives on Increasing Sales (along with James Callander).

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More than 70,000 advertising professionals have lost their jobs in this “Great Recession.” Lemonade is about what happens when people who were once paid to be creative in advertising are forced to be creative with their own lives.

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Replicating a Corporate Innovation Process, Again and Again

After a long 10-month period in which the word "innovation" seemed to be deleted entirely from the lexicon of Corporate America's middle managers and top executives, I've been spotting more and more articles about the innovation efforts at some of America's leading companies as they battle their way out of a recession.

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In Japan, Even Robots Are Affected by Continuing Job Losses

by: Idris Mootee

Here's the view form the 51F of Roppongi Hills Club. I have lunches with some old friends here in Tokyo and talking about the challenges technologies companies are facing here. Many things have changed since I worked here in the early 80s. One thing that has not changed here in Japan, the country still has a pretty formal attire culture for business much like London. They are slow in adopting the dressing down trend, probably 5 years behind America.

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