Elderhostel Makes a Fascinating Marketing Case Study

Elderhostel is a US travel and educational organisation for older adults – you might have guessed the travel part from the name.

The organisation is going through a massive upheaval, caused by falling numbers of customers. As the graphics shows, numbers of people signing up for courses have been falling and the average age of travellers has been rising. It is now 73 years old up from 68 a decade ago.

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Follow ups - Netflix & 'Harry Potter Marketing'

Both the above topics, subjects of recent posts, were discussed today in separate articles in the Wall Street Journal.

This article recounts the history of Netflix’s move into on-demand video, with a nice behind-the-scenes view into the thinking of CEO Reed Hastings, and the senior team’s discussions as they pondered trying to make their old business model, delivering DVDs by mail, obsolete. (Here’s our earlier post on the subject.)

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