Why Reckitt Get It and What We Can Learn

by: Matt Rhodes

An article in this week’s Economist reports on how for the last eight years Reckitt Benckiser, a household products maker, has bucked the trend both in its own industry (with average year-on-year sales growth of 7% when others’ sales are declining or stagnant) and on the stock market (its share price rising by 356% when the FTSE has dipped by 13%).

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a few thoughts about innovation, novelty, the Internet, web 2.0, and the halo effect

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Ideo, the Shopping Cart and the Halo Effect. What Is - Really - Good Design?

(Almost) Anybody interested in innovation knows about the IDEO process and the well-famed Ideo shopp

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Xerox R&D in Second Life

by: Dominic Basulto

In this two-minute video filmed entirely in Second Life, the avatar of Xerox Chief Technology Officer Sophie Vandebroek talks about research in 3-D virtual worlds from Xerox's innovation group.  In addition to creating worldwide collaboration opportunities for Xerox researchers, virtual worlds like Second Life are also enabling new opportunities for Xerox and its clients.

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Pitch Samsung your R&D Ideas

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The Eight Truths of Real Innovators

by: Alain Thys

There's lot's of talk about innovations these days, yet when you look at the stats, 90% of innovation projects never make it.  That's why I thought having a go at  coming up with "eight truths for real innovators".  There's probably more and you may not agree with all, yet as usual, I'm happy to learn.

Truth #1: Stop equating innovation to R&D.

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Advertising: Innovate or Die. Vol. 1

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