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Is Solar Energy the Next Great Crowdfunding Experiment?

If there’s one trend in 2013 that’s capable of changing the way we think about clean energy, it’s the professionalization of the crowdfunding movement. California-based Mosaic, which officially launched to the investing public this week, has a bold vision for bringing clean energy to the nation: tap into the power of the crowd to raise as much as $1 trillion for solar power projects across the country.

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Why Ray Kurzweil's Predictions Are Right 86% of the Time

It's that time of the year again when techno pundits are once again breathlessly telling us all about the technology and innovation trends that will be big in 2013. That's great, but many of those predictions will be hopelessly wrong by the end of March.

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Book Review: The Singularity is Near

by: Roger Dooley

Ray Kurzweil makes other futurists look like dilettantes. While they are extending linear trends a few years into the future, Kurzweil is using exponential graphs that indicate to him that truly profound changes await us in the next few decades.

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The Accelerating Future

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