Bright Lights Project - Standard & Poor's Rating Services

Standard & Poor’s is one of three major American rating agencies (Fitch Ratings and Moody’s Investor Services are the others). They’re in the business of assessing risk of various financial instruments and the reliability of the companies and governments that issue or trade them, and their ratings affect both investor interest and the prices paid for said financial paper.

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Use Ratings to Improve REAL Satisfaction

It’s no surprise that most of us will adjust our own expressed views to those around us. If your friends are raving about the meal you all just ate, you might tend to go with the flow rather than being the solo critic. Perhaps you simply don’t want to annoy your friends or perhaps you think they might have a point.

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Why a Museum Is the UK’s Top Brand on Twitter

Last week we looked a ranking of the top ten brands on Facebook globally, based on the number of people who ‘like’ them. There were no real surprises – Starbucks came top and the rest of the top ten was filled with well-known consumer and fashion brands. When considering brands on Twitter this story is sometimes different and it is not always the obvious brands that are most followed.

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Insight from Online Communities: 4. Rating and Voting

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Fascinating facts - handle with care

by: Dick Stroud

Nielsen//NetRatings has released research about the UK’s internet population segmented by age and gender.  If you want any proof of how age segmentation is a total waste of space it is this data.

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Nielsen To Track Video Games

by: Ilya Vedrashko

"Nielsen Media Research on Wednesday announced an electronic rating service to track who is playing what game.

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The J Curve of Online Reviews

by: Guy Kawasaki

As a follow up to Online Reviews and Small Businesses, check out this posting about the J curve of ratings. The most salient paragraph is:

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