Quora Underscores Need For Corporate Ambassadors

Unlike Facebook but very much like Facebook Groups, Quora the social Q&A ecosystem is designed to support individual participants, not companies (for now). In either case, it's increasingly becoming clear that this is a place where people talk about companies and brands. As Altimeter analyst Jeremiah Owyang recommends, this is a domain where a business should "monitor and respond". From Jeremiah's blog:

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Are Quora Votes A Viable Metric? Influence, Popularity, Expertise, Campaigns & Currency.

As I mentioned in my brief recent post on Quora, I would be digging into it a bit more. First, if you want to know more about the service, here is one of the best descriptions around. I particularly like this part:

It’s like the community side of LinkedIn, merged with the organic networking of Facebook, smashed up with the informative aspects of Wikipedia, topped with a dash of the “I just can’t see this catching on” from Plurk. With blog comments."

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Seven Reasons Why Quora Will Be Bigger than Foursquare

I'm late to the party on Quora (hey, it's not when you use it but how well you use it). I'll do some more in-depth analysis later, but after a few days of active use I see tons of potential. Here's why:

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