CEOs Not Seeing CSR as Driver of Long-term Success

by: Jennifer Rice

In reading PWC's 12th Annual Global CEO Study, I found the chart on "drivers of long-term success" during the downturn to be insightful on how CEOs view corporate social responsibility.

Specifically, while 63% rate brand strength and reputation as critical to success, CSR falls to the bottom of the pack with only 20% perceiving it as critical.

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Internet Will Overtake TV as Biggest Ad Medium in 2009

by: Scott Goodson

Last week Google reported an unprecedented profit surge during a recession in the US while everyone else was reporting the opposite. And now this news from my friend Nishad who gave me this tip.

MSNBC Reported today that online ad spend will overtake TV in 2009 in the UK.

Here is the full article: 

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