Strategy and Purpose: Is It Really What You Say It Is?

Let’s say that you want to grasp an organisation’s strategy – say customer strategy or customer experience strategy. By strategy I mean the organisation’s manner of ‘showing up and travelling’. How would you go about determining that?

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Does Social Media Makes All of Us Phenomenologists?

It is every designer’s dream to design a chair. I have yet to meet an industrial designer that doesn’t want to design a chair or a car. It is a designer’s dream for those who study transportation design to design a car and I get it. Chairs and tables?

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How To Create a Culture of Change

Tony Hsieh, the phenomenally successful CEO of Zappos likes to say that, “your brand is your culture” and believes so strongly in preserving his that he offers new recruits $1000 to quit. Anybody who doesn’t fit in will happily take the money and run.

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What Is the Purpose of a Business?

What is the purpose of a business? Not sure? Consider this.

In Peter Drucker's The Daily Drucker, which contains 366 daily insights (excerpts from his books; see original text I'll refer to from The Practice of Management in the image to the left), each one ending with an action item to put that day's concept to use, he writes:

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Strategy: Forget the Customer and Focus on Purpose?

Is purpose the vital access to performance and the starting point of strategy?

What explains the variability in performance – revenues, profits, share prices – across firms who compete in the same industry? Why, for example, does IKEA do so well in the furniture industry when many other players struggle or have to accept modest performance? Is the answer that IKEA is customer-centric and the other players are not? Is it that IKEA delivers a superior customer experience?

Cynthia Montgomery in her book The Strategist explores this question and shares her answer. She says:

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Thriving in Business

Crowdsourcing, and Purpose

So I've gone and written something about crowdsourcing. The concept du jour. Partly because I think it genuinely has the potential to change how we do what we do, partly because my belief is that (many) media owners are missing out on a big opportunity to incorporate their audiences far more into the fabric of the way in which they work, and partly because I agree with Saneel that "serving as a scaffolding for customers to engage with brands beyond transactions" is a real opportunity for agencies.

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There Is No “Best” Social Media Channel

Guest Post by: Monica (Market Sentinel)

People always ask us what the “best” social media channel is for their particular marketing strategy. If you play it by the numbers, Facebook rocks them all: last January, Compete.com reported that Facebook had over 133 million unique visitors (UVs), compared to YouTube’s 97.7 million and Twitter’s paltry 23.5 million. How many Facebook fans do you have?

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Slaughter All Avatars!

I'm a few weeks into playing Blizzard Entertainment's "Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty," which is a real-time strategy video game, or "RTS." This is a different genre from role-playing games, or "RPGs," or first-person shooters, which I don't believe need an acronym to label their purpose.

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People Don't Buy What You Do, They Buy Why You Do It

"We are purpose maximisers not just profit maximisers" Dan Pink

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