Creative Work Unlocked by Crowdfunding: A Disruptive Innovation

The other day I received a downright inspirational email from my friends at IndieGoGo, a site dedicated to the collaborative funding of ideas. (Here’s a short video of my friend Slava Rubin, co-founder of the company.) The missive pointed to a video featuring 9 year old Jackie Evancho a rising America’s Got Talent star who belts out To Where You Are.

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Is the iPad an Evolutionary Product or a Revolutionary Product? Will It Revive the Print Publishing Industry or Turn Them into Zombie Business?

The iPad is cool, almost as cool as the ACE Hotel. I really like this place and it is becoming the place to stay for me in NYC. Forget the W, it is so boring. They were running out of room on my last day of stay so they switched me to this special room with bunk bed. Very cool.


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Just How Badly Does Murdoch Need Google's Traffic?

The top story today was Rupert Murdoch sort of saying that News Corp might start using robots.txt on Google to prevent its stuff from being indexed. Or that's how it was interpreted on the internets anyway. Nevermind that he probably meant something different -- that News Corp will erect pay walls around its online content the way it now does with the Wall Street Journal: a headline and a paragraph of text for free, and everything else is paid.

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Publishers, Update Your Business Model!

by: Alexander Osterwalder

Book publishers, I think your business model is expiring! If you don't update it now, you will suffer the same fate as the music industry: "cluelessness" of what to do to fight steeply declining revenues!

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Electronic Ink Publishing Almost Here?

by: Ilya Vedrashko

You might have seen one of yesterday's top tech stories about sales predictions for the Kindle e-reader (378K to be sold in '08). If true, it's a good news for Amazon, but also an important development for the publishing industry, and by extention, the ad biz.

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