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Herb Schmertz Invented Modern PR

Herb Schmertz, who passed away last week, did amazing work that made him my idol when I started in the business. Little did I know that he was inventing the future of PR, too.

At least three of Schmertz’s innovations are now mainstays of business communications today:

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It's Time to Re-Invent Public Relations

PR 2.0 - or How to Engage People Online

by: Matt Rhodes

I came across this set of slides from Joery Bruijntjes about PR 2.0. How the world of Public Relations has moved on from a traditional (1.0) world where journalists are the middleman, to a new (2.0) world where people create their own content. And how

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The Greening of P.R.: Read All About It

by: Joel Makower

You wouldn't think that the world of green business would need much more publicity, given all the media stories, blogs, websites, TV shows, billboards, events, and other shout-outs plugging green companies, products, and services.

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Coke's Message in a Bottle

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Code Of Ethics For Blogger Outreach Programs

by: Karl Long

In the last couple of years the idea of reaching out to bloggers as a PR/Marketing tactic has started to become a mainstay for companies looking to engage early adopters and technology leaders. I’ve personally been amazed at the sophistication and scale of programs that I have been privy to.

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