'Generation Me'

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Ten Questions with Dr. Philip Zimbardo

by: Guy Kawasaki

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fame, narcissism and MySpace

by: danah boyd

When adults aren't dismissing MySpace as the land-o-predators, they're often accusing it of producing narcissistic children.

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Creativity + Genius

Cultural Frame Switching: Different Language, Different Personality

by: Roger Dooley

Marketers have more options in today’s increasingly multilingual society - a variety of electronic and print media can address groups of consumers in different languages.

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Maslow & Branding: Wrap-Up

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Maslow & Branding: Last 3

by: Jennifer Rice

We're almost to the end of the series on Maslow and Branding. I'll wrap up the last three needs in Maslow's hierarchy here, and then we'll look at how they all interact in social networks.

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Maslow & Branding: Aesthetics

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Maslow & Branding: Control

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Is Group Creativity an Illusion?

by: Yann Gourvennec

BPS Research published a paper on February 3rd, 2006 entitled “Why do we still believe in group brainstorming?“.

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