Customer Success: Building Value for Customers Faster Than They Can on Their Own

There are so many different customer experience roles these days that I wrote a post a few months ago called “Customer [Insert Term Here]: What Do They All Mean?” In the past, I’ve written a few times about the difference between customer experience and customer service.

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Employee Experience – Good for Employees, Good for Business

I originally wrote today’s blog post for Intouch Insight. It appeared on their blog on September 5, 2019.

In order to truly establish a foothold in – and to then propel – your customer experience transformation, one of most important things that businesses must have in place is a happy and engaged workforce that is well cared for by business leaders at all levels. In other words, employees and the employee experience must be the first priority of the business.

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Resurrecting the Dead Horse Theory

I challenge you think about things differently in 2019.

What got us here won't get us there, right?

I recently came across The Tribal Wisdom of the Dakota Indians, a 1999 article in the Guardian, that I felt needed to be resurrected. I had never seen this before.

You can read the article by clicking the link above, but here it is in its entirety. I guarantee that you'll nod your head and chuckle embarrassingly as you read it!

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Death of the Sales Funnel, Bad Body Language, and More – Roger’s Picks

Essential reading for the weekend…

They say money can’t buy happiness, but can science get you to a happier state? Lots of researchers are working on that, so the answer may be “yes.” Dr. Jeremy Dean (@PsyBlog) shares some of the latest work in Happiness: 10 Fascinating New Psychology Studies Everyone Should Know.

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The Dual Nature of Knowledge Work Productivity

When we think about knowledge work productivity, it is a very tricky subject. The reason it is tricky is because at one extreme we can routinize knowledge work — as when someone is calling to fill out a survey, or answer a customer service call. In a low value added knowledge work task, there is some variation, and the motivation and attitude of the employee is still a very big and important deal. 

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On Productivity

Post by: Sigurd Rinde

"Productive effort, measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input"

And I bet you that the next word that is popping up in your head now is efficiency: "Achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense"

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Do Your Knowledge Workers Have a “Bitsmith”?

Along with my colleagues Jeff Hesse and Terry Holliday, I have been trying to understand what makes some teams of knowledge workers more productive than others. In particular, we have focused on people who work in firms that create lots of value as measured by earnings before interest, taxes and depreciation (EBITDA) per employee.

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The Fallacy of IT Productivity Tools

by: Sigurd Rinde

Good thing we humans are flexible, able as we are to handle all kinds of tasks with sometimes far too little training.
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Smell the Productivity: Office Aromatherapy

by: Roger Dooley

Can some scents reduce stress? Brain scientists are now confirming what herbalists and aroma researchers have long believed. Japanese researchers, using near-infrared spectroscopy, tested the effect of a "pleasant, floral green" aroma on subjects performing a mental arithmetic task and found that stress activity in the subjects' prefrontal cortex was reduced compared to a control group.


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Brain Rules

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