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The Folly of Inside-Out Product Thinking

Ever run into this deductive reasoning?

  1. Customers like our existing products and our company
  2. We are building a new product that reflects the priorities of a company executive
  3. Therefore, customers will like our new product

It’s a clear violation of the First Law of Product: Customers decide what products they like, not companies.

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Uncover Latent Needs with a Simple Question

After publishing Latent needs are overplayed as an innovation dynamic, I got a lot of feedback. Plenty of agreement, but also some good counterpoints. And in reading through some of them, I realized that there is something to this. A lot of people are convinced that whole markets are waiting to be built based on people not really understanding their own needs.

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The Rise Of Product Management

The function and role of Product Management is increasingly becoming a really pivotal one in many digitally facing organisations. Having been aware of it's increasing popularity amongst media owner organisations, the growing importance of Product Management into a much broader spectrum of businesses and sectors became clear when I was researching organisational structures and resourcing for Digital Marketing on behalf of the smart folk at Econsultancy late last year. From the subsequent project on The Progression Of Agency Value that I also did for Econsultancy earlier this year, it's clear that there is also some fascinating take-outs here for agencies.

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Social Product Management

Product management is a very important discipline in a lot of technology companies, they are the glue between business strategy and the engineering team. In many organizations they are also closest to the customers and help strike a balance between demand for features and profitability to the business. In really good organizations product management decentralizes the execution of the strategy rather like Napoleon did with the French Army when he radically decentralizing his command.

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Product Contagion in Action

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What in Hell Do Stories Have to Do with Innovation?

by: John Caddell

Regular readers may be tiring of the constant barrage of story-related posts, or at minimum be trying to figure out how they relate to the title of this blog. Here are some words that I hope tie it together.

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Free, Unsolicited Product Management Advice for Verizon Wireless

by: John Caddell

As I mentioned yesterday, I am using EV-DO to connect to the internet here in Vegas for CTIA. It's more economical and reliable than the hotels' and convention center's WiFi hotspots. What I didn't say is that the way I contract for this service is convoluted and actually, on my analysis, loses money for Verizon. Details to follow.

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That's Financial Services for You

by: Dick Stroud

Whenever I attend a 50-plus focus group and the topic of banks, building societies and other variants of financial service companies are discussed I can guarantee there will be a huge intake of breath and then tidal wave of vitriolic abuse.

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Subject to Change: Creating Great Products and Services for an Uncertain World

by: David Armano

While I still have great appreciation and admiration for the field of graphic design--the simple fact is that I have a tough time relating to many aspects of it. I haven't looked at an an issue of Communication Arts in years and AIGA becomes less relevant to me as digital media continues to evolve.

But, I will be adding this to my short list of books to read:

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