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Why Amazon Will Innovate Past Kindle and Microsoft’s Bing Will Never Win

When I bought my iPad it was very easy to download my new Kindle application to read all my books I bought on Amazon, and I’m sure that Jeff Bezos knows that my Kindle may be replaced. Bezos can do this because he’s not in the book reader business, he’s in the book seller and publisher business (along with many other products). Bezos is not cannabalizing his core. 

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The Umbrella Problem: Time for Business Model Innovation?

In an article for the Wall Street Journal, Anjali Athavaley recently described why it is so hard to design an umbrella that won't collapse or flip inside out. It's not that companies aren't trying - they are experimenting with space-age materials, testing umbrellas in high-tech wind tunnels and even consulting experts in aerodynamics to find a "perfect" umbrella that doesn't flip inside out on a particularly gusty day. Any incremental improvements, of course, come with costs.

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Innovative Innovation

Guest Post by: Denise Lee Yohn

A few weeks ago, Forbes ran an article ( entitled, “Innovation Beyond Apple.” The piece de-briefed a discussion among executives from a range of consumer goods companies including HSN, Mattel, and Chrysalis, an incubator company for emerging brands. It challenged readers to think about innovation differently, and many of the points resonated with me.

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The New iPod Shuffle: I'm Sorry, but What's the Point?

by: Design Translator

I had a little shiver of anticipation when I heard from a colleague that Apple had released a new iPod Shuffle. What did the boys from Cupertino think up next?

When Apple’s homepage finished loading up, my immediate response was “What the hell is that?”

Also suitably confused I asked myself “Why”?

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Help with Baked-In

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