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With the Emerging of the New "Object-Culture" - Meanings Are Sought through Social Identities, Visual Information and Interfaces / Interactions

There are objects that I love for many different reasons. They range from my Leicas to my JBL speakers, LV bags, Prada shoes and Mac computers. Objects that are highly functional can also be highly personal … expressive, reliable and artistic.


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Why Do So Many Designs or Products Look the Same?

This article was originally published on Yanko Design and is reproduced here for reference as well as for Design Sojourn readers that do not frequent that site.

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Designing Identities Part 2 - The Communication Pyramid

If creativity and design is the process of exploring and articulating the product, then what is the product?

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Rethinking the Hairdryer

Ariane Prin, a Masters student at RCA, shares her thinking and conceptual process behind her Air Hair Project: hair dryer for hairdressers.

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When Complicated Is Good

When it comes to products, “complicated” is rarely a compliment. Would you buy a computer advertised as “complicated?” A piece of furniture that claimed, “complex assembly required?” An automobile that promoted the fact that it had a complicated fuel injection system?

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How the iPad Is Like the Tesla Roadster

Courtesy of my dear friend Peer Munck (Founder of MunckMix, a music distributor), I just had my first ride in a Tesla Roadster, the $129,000 electric sports car. It blew me away, because I was reminded what can happen when innovators lovingly create something that has design integrity — by which I mean the solution (e.g., the Roadster’s total reliance on battery power) does not compromise on critical dimensions (e.g., speed, handling and range).

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Apple Executives Have Balls of STEEL!

The world is all in a frenzy with the launch of the iPad. Even I could not help but get caught up in the madness. I have been reading a whole host of articles covering the iPad launch, ranging from New York Times tech columnist David Pogue’s schizophrenic review, marketing linchpin Seth Godin’s marketing angle, and blogging actor Stephen Fry’s heart felt “why buy” (loved him in V for Vendetta) and Fastcompany’s “don’t buy” reality check. And these are just a small snap shot of all the articles I’ve been tracking!

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iTouch Jumbo, Large Soda and Magnum Condom. What Do They Have in Common? It Is All About Size.

Size is always a big factor in product design and marketing. The iPad essential becomes an iTouch for the tallest man in the world. I always have a problem with oversized drinks in this part of the world, but I also have a problem with the undersized drinks in Europe and Japan. A cup of tea in London is really too small for me and I almost needed to order two. A cup of tea in New York is usually way too big and I have to pour away 30% of it right away.

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Best Buy in The House Pt. 1

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Best Buy plans to expand significantly its private label technology products business, believing that customer feedback in its stores will let it make simple improvements that the big name brands might miss.

Such vertical integration might be torn right from Capitalism 101, but I'm not sure that I buy it.

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Making Great Products that People Love Is Simple. It All Comes Down to Three Things: a Simple User Experience, Design around the Socialability of a Product and the Uncovering of Memories and Pleasure Associated with a Product.

by: Idris Mootee

Product designers are becoming marketers. Introducing the Baby Blackberry by Leapfrog. It's time that kids of high flying executives need their own Blackberry. The good news is that while your kid can type messages on the Baby Blackberry, it's not actually hooked up to anything.

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