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Is Your Company Product-Centric or Customer-Centric?

Today’s post includes an excerpt of a guide I wrote for GetFeedback in November 2020. The original guide can be found here, and a video excerpt can be found here.

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Breaking Down Silos Between Product and CX

I originally wrote today’s post for GetFeedback. It appeared on their site on July 19, 2020.

Designing and delivering a cohesive end-to-end customer experience is important for brands to do. To make this happen, your entire organization must be integrated and aligned to work toward that goal. In this article, I’ll address the gap between two important parts of your organization that must be bridged in order to achieve this goal.

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OXO - So Glad You Are Still Around but Wish You Had More Competition

Way back in 2003 I wrote my first blog post about OXO - a company that was all about universal design and that built products that could be used by as many people as possible. In the company's own words that means designing products for young and old, male and female, lefties and righties and many with special needs. 

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Customer Experience and Loyalty Starts and Ends With the Product!

Back in 2011 I asked this question: Customer Experience: What About The ‘Product’? And I ended that conversation with the following assertion:

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When Customers Want a Product Roadmap, Do This Instead

Product roadmaps suck.

There, I said it. <exhales>

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Two Cases of Job-to-be-done Driven Design

In doing some reading this morning, came across a couple examples of practitioners with a customer-centric orientation emphasizing the job-to-be-done. They come at it from different angles, but share the essence *first* understanding what the customer is trying to get done first, *then* getting down to design and development.

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Building the Button to Nowhere

Have you ever heard of the Bridge to Nowhere? I think most of us have; if you haven't, you will momentarily.

I recently discovered the Button to Nowhere. Have you ever had this happen while using a software platform or a mobile app: You click on a button that seems clearly and intuitively labeled, fully expecting it to do one thing and, instead, it did something else?

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Digital Device Manifesto

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) can be an intoxicating experience. Drinking in all the devices on the show floor, it’s easy to be dazzled by cool features, brilliant designs, and products you never even dreamed of. Speakers captivate your imagination as they describe bold visions and demo the newest products.

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Apple’s Inconsistent Aesthetics

James Higgs writes an interesting article about the inconsistencies of Apple’s aesthetics. In one corner you have Apple’s sublime and minimal industrial design where every corner or radii has been considered.

These devices have become increasingly simple and pared down, even as the power contained in them has increased. There is very little, if anything, extraneous on the Magic Trackpad or the MacBook Air.

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80% of Apps Are Making Less than 1,000 Downloads – #istrategy

The second panel today at iStrategy, the title of which was “Engaging Your Audience with Mobile Apps”. The panellists were:


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