problem solving

The Phoenix Checklist

by: Iqbal Mohammed

Was looking through my notes recently and came across the Phoenix Checklist - a set of questions developed by the CIA to enable their agents and operatives to think about a problem thoroughly. It should come in handy for us planners and strategists.

The problem

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What Does a Business Do?

by: Sigurd Rinde

Or rather what does it deliver?

Yesterday's post was inspired by a call for help - "A Solution to My Solution Issue, Please" - prompted by a corporate discussion of whether being in the business of "products" or "solutions" was the right concept.

Once upon the time business

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Usability Is King and Experience Is the Product

by: Idris Mootee

Transcendent product design is both a matter
of strategy and philosophy. The most common reason product development has gone
wrong is that people stop at the worst time--when the solutions are most
convoluted. It is about going beyond that point to think about the experiences

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Specialist or Generalist?

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The Seven Sins of Solutions

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Want answers to a tough problem? Offer a prize

by: John Caddell

In the Wall Street Journal, columnist David Wessel highlights the role prizes have played, and continue to play, in fostering innovation.

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Business + Design

by: David Armano

BusinessWeek has a great piece on how the business world is turning to designers to help solve their complex problems through innovation vs. drawn out strategization.

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Creativity 2.E

by: David Armano

The Evolution of Creativity is Underway.  Which Side Are You On?

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