Just How Badly Does Murdoch Need Google's Traffic?

The top story today was Rupert Murdoch sort of saying that News Corp might start using robots.txt on Google to prevent its stuff from being indexed. Or that's how it was interpreted on the internets anyway. Nevermind that he probably meant something different -- that News Corp will erect pay walls around its online content the way it now does with the Wall Street Journal: a headline and a paragraph of text for free, and everything else is paid.

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[Event]: Book Machine at Harvard Bookstore, 4pm Tue, Sep 29th

On Tuesday, Harvard Bookstore will unveil its new mega-printer from On Demand Books that can spawn 300-page softcover books in around 4 minutes. The machine will be used to print any of the two million public-domain titles scanned by Google.


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An Inevitable Evolution?

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

It's sad to watch the newspaper dinosaurs thrash in the marketplace's tar pits, but the Boston Globe's latest branding campaign is destined to become fossilized before the gunk dries.

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Newspaper Online Video Surges on Consumer Demand

by: Josh Hawkins

Today at the Newspaper Association of America conference in San Diego, publishers from across the country have convened to discuss the future of the newspaper industry. Once a strong print business sector, newspapers are now struggling with declining circulation, shrinking classified advertising dollars, and a proliferation of competitive online news sources.

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Read All About It (In French)

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

A future for newspapers?

The French government has announced a ten-fold increase in its support for the country's print media, in an effort " make sure an independent, free and pluralistic press exists," according to President Nicholas Sarkozy.

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Traditional Media Has Just Five Years of Growth Left

by: Dick Stroud

That’s a headline to send newspaper proprietors away with a skip in their step.

The death of traditional media has been exaggerated, according to global leader for entertainment and media practice at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, during his pitch at the World Association of Newspapers conference in Hong Kong.

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Electronic Ink Publishing Almost Here?

by: Ilya Vedrashko

You might have seen one of yesterday's top tech stories about sales predictions for the Kindle e-reader (378K to be sold in '08). If true, it's a good news for Amazon, but also an important development for the publishing industry, and by extention, the ad biz.

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The Impact of the Internet on Customer Behaviour

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Multitaskers r-us

by: Gary Hayes

Turn off the TV, get off the phone and pay attention! Been doing some recent audience research and feel the need to opine. I talked about this in previous posts but not looked in great detail at some of the interactive, cross-media implications of this very current evolutionary trait.

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New York Times Becomes More Social

by: Matt Rhodes

The New York Times launched a beta version of TimesPeople over the weekend. It’s their first step at adding a social layer onto their site - a recommendations service and mini-social network. It’s works rather simply:

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