How to give presentations with punch

How do some speakers manage to captivate their audiences?  You know the kind of speakers I’m talking about.  People hang onto every word they say, believe every idea they introduce, and walk away from their talks convinced they must do what they were taught.  Some speakers give presentations with punch.  How?

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The presentation I gave to the Assisted Living Conference in Liverpool

I have spent the last couple of days in Liverpool. My first visit to this part of the UK.

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Presentations for Impact 2.0 – The Presentation Mindset and the Six Core Types of Presentations

In a previous post,  I attempted to split the atom on what made for a great presentation.

I arrived at the conclusion that beyond some general guidelines, any format could work depending on the idea, how it catered itself to the presenter and how it delivered to its audience.

Of course, usability, utility, clarity and desirability  were all important.

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Avoiding Death by Powerpoint, the Neuro Way

Conference-goers know that at any given meeting, they will be subjected to a range of presentations – some interesting, others, well, not so interesting. Conference organizers don’t like to offer a podium to inept or boring presenters, of course – bad performances will drive away the paying customers. The approach conference organizers usually employ is to poll the audience about each presentation, asking about the content, the quality of the presentation, and so on. This is done after the fact, but at least low-scoring presenters can be crossed off the list for the next conference. Of course, this constant polling (often by paper questionnaires) is tedious and annoying for the conference attendees.

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Earned Media Planning

Guest Post by: Matthew Rogers

In 2009 the smart guys at Nokia started to think about categorising and planning media according to how it was evolving. The “earned media” category  was a nice way to summarise all activities related to social networks and social media.

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Presentation in Dublin

Today I spoke at a conference in Dublin about global opportunities of the ageing population. A really bright and attentive audience. Fantastic location. You can hear and see the presentation (22 mins run time).

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Simplicity Sells

Sometimes, if not most times, the best solution is also the simplest one. Why develop a complex device to connect two irregularly sized shapes when a bit of sellotape will do? Why ask people a series of complex questions about improving your product when what you really want to know is “how could we do things better”? And why provide complex levels of interactivity and engagement on your website when all you want is to get a few conversations going?

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Customer Service Is the New Marketing

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Futurelab Presentations on Slideshare

By: Stefan Kolle

After begging Slideshare for years (literally) to help us consolidate our various accounts into one without losing our stats, followers and embeds, we finally gave up, and simply re-uploaded all presentations. </end whining>

The upside is, all publicly available Futurelab presentations past and future are now accessible in one location for your enjoyment,

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Why Big Business Needs Social Media ... under Certain Conditions

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