Can Mobile Phones Eradicate Poverty?

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Marketing Challenge: Can We Profit From Poverty?

by: Alain Thys

Every day thousands of people die from bad marketing.  Neither Google nor I remember where I read these words.  Perhaps I never read them at all. But as I was flying from Zurich to Amsterdam I couldn't get them out of my mind.

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Social Entrepreneurship: Ten Questions with David Bornstein

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Innovation at the Bottom of the Pyramid

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The Cure to Poverty Is Connectivity and Individual Empowerment

by: John Caddell

TEDBlog has just posted a talk from Iqbal Quadir, the Bangladeshi innovator responsible for GrameenPhone, the mobile phone company that has made dramatic differences in quality of life for tens of millions of poor Bangladeshi villagers.

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Aspen Ideas Fest: Life, the Universe, and (Almost) Everything

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Raj Reddy Presentation

by: David Polinchock

Dr. Reddy made an excellent presentation last night about the PcTVT. He's really doing some cool work and if there's anyone who can pull something like this, it's him! Here's an article about the project, some article additional links and the pdf of the presentation that he gave last night at the Lab.

Download the presentation: Download PCTVT.pdf

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Environmentalism as the Pathway from Poverty

by: Joel Makower

A report released today by World Resources Institute challenges conventional approaches by environmentalists and economists in the battle against poverty.

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