A Simple Life or Green Living Are Not the Solutions. They Distract Us from the Real Number One Problem

I was hearing a group of designers here in Boston saying that the only way to solve our sustainability problems is to simplify our life and go back to creating less garbage. They went on to suggest that if the government decides to stop collecting garbage, and they end up piling up in our backyard or frontyard, we would then feel the problem and start living a simple life - a radical idea but a silly one that doesn’t work. Why don’t we go back to riding horses and we do that, we will have some serious horseshit problem to deal with.

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Germany's Ageing and Diminishing Population

by: Dick Stroud

I have already written about the double whammy of prolonged low birth rate and extending life expectancy that is changing the age-profile of Germany. If you haven’t already, then you should, read the FT article quoted in the blog posting.

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Animating the future of population and cities

by: David Jennings

One of those happy synchronicities has alerted me to two different ways of presenting information information about population growth. And, to compound the coincidence, the same topic was raised in a discussion with David Puttnam that I attended in the same week as I discovered them.

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