Ten Questions with Dr. Philip Zimbardo

by: Guy Kawasaki

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The Spoils of Success for the Natural Products Industry

by: Joel Makower

The natural products industry has become a screaming success. That's mostly good news. It also offers some cautionary tales for the sustainable business sector.

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Priming by Order

by: Roger Dooley

One of the more intriguing concepts in neuromarketing is priming, i.e., influencing an individual’s behavior by the introduction of various subtle cues.

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Take a fresh view

By: Stefan Kolle

Over on The Marketing Minute I found a very creative, and impressive, political ad. Yes, I know, we don't do politics here, but dont worry. It's not about the political message, it's the very clever execution of the ad that triggered me. As Drew says, I wish I had written this.
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pre-election cynicism

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Why Political Campaigns Are Slow To Join The Internet TV Revolution

by: Josh Hawkins

Despite the rapid adoption of broadband video by marketers, consumers and "prosumers," political campaigns have been slow to join the Internet TV revolution. This seems surprising given all the hullabaloo over blogs and grassroots fundraising in the last election cycle.

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