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Politics 2.0?

By: Stefan Kolle

A (potentially) excellent example of bringing politics closer to the citizen is the new site by the dutch Foreign Secretary, Maxime Verhagen, www.hierisministerverhagen.nl/

A combination of Google maps mashup and twittering, he continuously shows where he is and what he's doing, with added links for background information.

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Are Political Views Hard-wired?

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Managing and Mocking Identities

by: Nancy Baym

The worlds of politics and fandom have been merging for some time, and it’s never been clearer than in this US election cycle where “user-generated content” from YouTube debate questions to Obama girl videos to Facebook groups to political blogs have been so important and inescapable.

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Let Them Eat Cake

by: Alain Thys

With all the attention going to the Obama-Clinton competition, one would almost forget that Russia is having its own style of election fever. Marina Natanova (thx !) just sent me this image which I think wins the award for most unusual political advertising ever.

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Neuromarketing Shoots Itself in the Foot

by: Roger Dooley

may be their own worst enemies. Neuromarketing, and its slightly more
established sibling, neuroeconomics, are exciting areas in which new
research findings pop up every week. Unfortunately, the rush to
commercialize the technology seems to lead to an overabundance of hype
and claims that are difficult to back up. A good example is the recent

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Political Neuromarketing

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Why Political Campaigns Are Slow To Join The Internet TV Revolution

by: Josh Hawkins

Despite the rapid adoption of broadband video by marketers, consumers and "prosumers," political campaigns have been slow to join the Internet TV revolution. This seems surprising given all the hullabaloo over blogs and grassroots fundraising in the last election cycle.

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