CD Baby Podcast Interview

by: Nancy Baym

CD Baby have posted a half hour DIY Musician Podcast interview with me. It was a good interview and is available for streaming or download. Here’s their blurb:

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Measuring Social Media (3) - Podcast Interview with David Armano

by: Mark Rogers

David Armano of Critical Mass, author of an excellent blog on social media - what he calls micro interactions - gives us his perspective in a podcast interview (10 mins) on ways to measure in social media, and how to judge ROI.

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Shop Talk Podcast #15 - Scilla Andreen on the Changing Indie Film Business

by: John Caddell

The latest podcast features a discussion with Scilla Andreen, co-founder and CEO of Indieflix, about the current state and future prospects of the independent film business.

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Sales is from Mars, Marketing is from Venus - Podcast Vol III - The Sales Perspective

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Tony Ulwick's 'Customer Job Innovation Map' in May Harvard Business Review

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