7 Pragmatic Tips on Starting Your NPS Program

There, you’ve got it – an approval to start an NPS program. You want it all, and you want it now. After all, you believe in the cause and want to make it happen. Here is a little something to help you start the process smoothly:

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70, 20, 10

I've been talking about 70, 20, 10 models for a good time, and it seems that it's applicable in a wide number of different contexts. Generally, it relates to the idea that the majority of time, focus, attention or resources should be focused on established practices or core methods, but room should be left for both extending those core approaches and taking them in new directions, but also for completely new ideas and input.

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Communications Planning in 2013

The good people at WARC are keen to encourage people to start thinking early about planning themes for 2013 and so have asked me (along with a few other ad bloggers around the world) to put down a few thoughts on the subject. 

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Planning for a Successful Customer Experience Journey

This post was originally published as a guest post on Jim Tincher's Heart of the Customer blog. I have updated it for this repost. As we close out the summer of 2012 travel season, I thought this was a fitting time to share this whimsical post on planning your Customer Experience Journey.

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Welcome to 2012 … Will You Make It Matter?

According to the some, 2012 is the year in which we all call it day. As the Mayans never really said such a thing, the chances of this happening are quite slim. But just imagine for a moment that all the doomsday prophets are right and that in less than a year the South Pole decides to take a holiday somewhere near the Equator. 

Apart from the obvious death, despair and heartbreak that would go with such an event, it would also make the 2012 plan you're working on right now the last you'll ever work on. Your legacy. The sum of what you stand for.

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Agile Budgeting

I make no apology for writing another post on agility. I think it's one of the most fundamental (and often unacknowledged) shifts that businesses need to make in order to be fit for purpose in the world in which we find ourselves. We no longer need to follow the model of creating a perfectly crafted plan, spending a lot of time executing that plan before we ship it, and only then finding out whether it is successful or not.

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Scenario Planning Are Coming Back into Fashion. How Do You Develop Your "Wild Card" Scenarios to Make Your Strategy More Robust?

Every executive wants to know what’s the future will be like or what will likely to happen to their industry and what are the most disruptive forces will impact their bottom line or even survival. That’s why we use “Wild card” to paint scenarios. “Wild card” scenarios are in theory things that are not likely to happen, but most likely to create the highest impact and disruption. The idea of “wild card” scenarios is not to predict or calculate which scenario will occur, but to identify, where possible, important surprises that could occur.

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The Phoenix Checklist

by: Iqbal Mohammed

Was looking through my notes recently and came across the Phoenix Checklist - a set of questions developed by the CIA to enable their agents and operatives to think about a problem thoroughly. It should come in handy for us planners and strategists.

The problem

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Extreme Business Planning, Again

by: Sigurd Rinde

Many years ago, in the heydays of WAP dreams I listened to many a telecoms executive gushing about the future of WAP.

And off they went spending much and many a dollar on infrastructure, hardware and advertising. Did you ever use it?

Then it was 3G.

Yet again the telecoms dreamt up huge numbers and plonked down 134 Billion $ for the licenses in Europe alone.

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The Greening of Travel and Tourism, from Asia to Alabama

by: Joel Makower

My travels over the past month have included speeches to two very different audiences on the same topic: The future of travel and tourism, as seen through an environmental lens. Based on these and other calls I'm getting, it seems that this industry is starting to pay attention . . . but only starting.

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