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thoughts on Pew’s latest report: notable findings on race and privacy

Yesterday, Pew Internet and American Life Project (in collaboration with Berkman) unveiled a brilliant report about “Teens, Social Media, and Privacy.” As a researcher who’s been in the trenches on these topics for a long time now, none of their finding surprised me but it still gives me absolute delight when our data is so beautifully in synch. I want to quickly discuss two important issues that this report raise.

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Thank You Pew - Thank You Aging in Place Technology Watch

It is fitting that probably the best two US sources of information and comment about older people and how they use technology conclude 2010 with more insights into the way the factors of ageing and technology interrelate and how things might change in the future.

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Pew Research Confirms that Youth Care about Their Reputation

In today’s discussions about privacy, “youth don’t care about privacy” is an irritating but popular myth. Embedded in this rhetoric is the belief that youth are reckless risk-takers who don’t care about the consequences of their actions. This couldn’t be further from the truth.
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Mum, Partner, the Kids and Gramps

Put another way – the multi-generational family household (in the US) is back in fashion.

More like is back because of necessity.

Pew Research Centre’s analysis of U.S. Census Bureau data comes to the conclusions that social trends appear to be reversing. The key findings:

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Just When You Think You're out, They Pull You Back in

The ‘they’ in this case is the recession. Data from Pew Research shows the impact of the recession on the young people and especially where they live (back home).

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Grumpy Old Baby Boomers - Official

by: Dick Stroud

Today is a good day. Today I know I am not alone. Today I can have a good moan in the safe knowledge that it is all a result of my birth year not an abundance of the misery hormone.

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Pew on teen social media practices (with interesting bits on class)

by: danah boyd

While I was off struggling with Leopard and pants, Pew put out another great report: Teens and Social Media. This report fleshes out what I noticed earlier
- teens are much more protective of the content they post online than

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adults' views on privacy (new PEW report)

by: danah boyd

PEW has a new report out on adults and privacy: Digital Footprints.
It's a solid report on the state of adults' perception of privacy wrt
the internet. Of course, what humors me is that adults are saying one
thing and doing another.

Adults are more likely than teens to have public profiles on SNSs.
60% of adults are not worried about how much information is available

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55 percent US teens are members of a social network

by: Lynette Webb

A few weeks ago Pew Research released another of their great surveys into how the Internet is being used in the US. Oh how I wish there were equivalents to Pew in other countries, who published so regularly and made their results freely available!

Click image to enlarge.

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