The Demographics of Social Media Users — 2012

Pew Internet Research has been busy looking at the demographics of social media use in the US.

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The Generation Gap Is Not What It Was

A new report from Pew that looks at issues surrounding the “generation gap”. I will not attempt to summarise the reports findings – it contains lots of charts, tables and stuff.


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The Relationship between Age and Broadband Useage

by: Dick Stroud

Pew Internet has a new report (free) about Internet use in the US. Always worth downloading and adding it to your library. This graphic is interesting (you will need to click on it to read the detail).

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PEW data on social network site use

by: danah boyd

PEW has just released the overview of their latest study on teens' usage of social network sites. Most of the data is not surprising, but it sure is interesting. Here are some of the key findings:

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