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The New Way to Work: Top 5 Trends to Watch in 2010

Looking back at pivotal events that took place within the business world in 2009, it is becoming increasingly clear that there are five macro trends that will be shaping a New Way to Work in 2010 and beyond. Together, these five trends point to a New Way To Work in which creativity and innovation are more valued by employers than ever before and the traditional notion of work as merely an economic activity is being supplemented by ideas about happiness and well-being.

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Brand U.0 on YouTube

I've gotten a lot of requests over the past year to have my talk on personal branding called "Brand U.0" posted on YouTube. The folks at the Chicago Convergence have gone ahead and saved me the trouble of doing this. So if you live outside the US in a country that didn't support Veoh, or you just want to watch the video without the pop up ads, you can bookmark the YouTube version.

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Obama's Cultural Movement. An Insider's View

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Brand U.0, The Video

by: David Armano

So here's the video from my talk on personal branding at the Chicago New Media Summit (Now called the Chicago Convergence). The video is decent quality and it's not very long (just under 20 mins) and you can download the slides from here. Hope you like.

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