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New Rules of Customer Engagement in 2016

The start of a new year provides an excellent opportunity to reconsider old ways and adopt new practices. With that in mind, I’d like to suggest three new rules of customer engagement in 2016 for marketers.

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(5/10) My Top 10 Tips for Implementing Social Media

continued from part one, this article will be published in 10 instalments

Five: respecting one’s community (no hard-selling)

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Ambient Interruption

by: David Armano

We are living in an age of ambient interruption. Gone are the days when we flipped through channels while Ads interrupted our programming. Broadband, wireless and file sharing killed the radio star and all our media is served to us on a "need it now" basis. We think we need it? We go out and get it. We've been liberated to ignore the assault on our senses telling us to buy, asking us to try and selling the myth of brand.

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