Organisational Performance - the Best KPI Ever

by: Sigurd Rinde

"Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are financial and non-financial metrics used to help an organisation define and measure progress toward organisational goals - The act of monitoring KPIs in real-time is known as business activity monitoring (BAM)."

Usually applied to individuals, but why not one that can be applied to the organisation proper?

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The Question of 'Market Focused' and 'Strategic Extension into Adjacencies'

by: Idris Mootee

In a recent journal article “How to create market-focused product winners” by Roger More (a marketing prof at the Richard Ivey School of Business), he talked about why companies fail due to lack of market-focus. Prof More has a unique and entertaining style of delivering which is hard to find, he has been teaching marketing for decades at Ivey. Him and I often have very opposite views on many aspects of marketing. I did enjoy his classes.

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Great Innovation Requires Great Teams, Candor, and Acceptance of Mistakes

by: John Caddell

While preparing yesterday's post on the business value of dissent, I stumbled upon some research by Harvard Business School professor Amy Edmondson on team learning. The research centered on explaining a paradox--why in her studies did excellent teams make more errors than poor teams?

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On Customer-Centricity

Is your company customer-centric?

No? Join the club. According to 317 surveys released this week alone, anywhere from 97 to 98% of executives polled said their firms weren’t customer-centric (the other 2-3% didn’t understand the question).

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The Big Dip: Ten Questions with Seth Godin

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Client/agency relationships

by: Jennifer Rice

I read in the WSJ a couple days ago that agency/client relationships are becoming harder to sustain… not surprising as marketers are under increasing pressure to drive results.

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What in hell is Most Significant Change?

by: John Caddell

Let's first pose a problem. You've put in place a new performance evaluation system and spent a year conducting reviews using it.

How's it working out for you?

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