The People Side of Customer Centricity

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Why People Copy Each Other Online and What We Can Learn

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19th Century Neuromarketing?

by: Roger Dooley

Scientists have been trying to explain human behavior for centuries, and one of the more interesting techniques was phrenology, or the use of head shapes to characterize personality. This collection of tiny heads is from the British Science Museum, which explains:

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20 Tips for Designers to Beat the Recession

by: Design Translator

This article was originally published on Yanko Design. As I know some Design Sojourn readers don’t really frequent YD, I thought it might be a good idea to republish it here as well. I have also re-edited some of the text to make it more relevant to DS readers. Enjoy!

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How to Be More Human

by: David Armano

This morning a couple of things came together for me. The first, was that I unfollowed a company/individual on Twitter because the volume they were producing felt automated and not human even if there were college interns manually updating it (or maybe just a script). It just didn't feel right. The second was reviewing a deck where it talked about the need for "being human" on the social web.

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Kübler-Ross Model Finds New Application

by: Dick Stroud

Come on admit it. I bet you have never heard of the Kubler-Ross model of the five stages of grief.

The model was first introduced in Ms Kubler-Ross’s 1969 book "On Death and Dying" and describes the five stages that people pass through when coming to terms with grief, especially the diagnosis of a terminal illness or catastrophic loss.

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Advice on Finding a New Job

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

I read an interesting article in yesterday's New York Times on how job applicants can cover-up a "job-hopping" history. I just don't understand why it would matter.

Aren't all the rules pretty much moot by now?

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Review 'Life III: Escape from Reality' Game

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Will It Scale?

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'Tribes' Seth Godin's New Book Is off

by: Scott Goodson

Something is happening out there that is making it easier for anyone to lead a popular movement that can influence millions and millions of people to follow you.

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