Leadership Requires “an Absence of Shame around Personal Failures and Imperfections”

From the terrific new book “Better Under Pressure: How Great Leaders Bring Out the Best in Themselves and Others” by Justin Menkes. Here he discusses the need for leaders to show “realistic optimism” and “face actual circumstances” head on:

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How Can We Help Miguel?

[Written for DML Central. More comments there.]

One of the hardest parts of doing fieldwork is hearing difficult, nuanced stories that break my heart. The more complicated the story, the harder it is to tell, but I feel a responsibility to at least try.

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When I Grow Up

I guess it's no big surprise that in a (US) survey of over 10,000 young professionals Google came out as the company that most would like to work at. And by some margin, with nearly a quarter of survey respondents selecting them, almost twice as many as picked the second place business, Apple.
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Enchanting Guy Kawasaki

I never tire of hearing Guy Kawasaki speak, so his recent address at the NRF’s INNOVATE 2011 Conference was a delight to attend.

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Don’t Mess with the Herd!

Guest Post by: Laszlo Kövari

One guy says Zuckerberg is totally wrong about identity (for whatever reason); then tons of other guys say: how could he be wrong with $75B (or whatever it maybe at this time) valuation?…or: I wish I could be so wrong, etc.

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Enchantment: How Not to Suck at Business and Life

Review – Enchantment: The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds, and Actions by Guy Kawasaki

Guy Kawasaki may be the Dale Carnegie of the technology age. While Enchantment is peppered with references to PowerPoint, Facebook, and other 21st century topics, much of the wisdom is as timeless as what you’ll still find in How to Win Friends and Influence People.

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Choice Fatigue

Your brain gets tired, and one fatiguing activity is making choices. Various studies show that as people make more decisions, their subsequent decisions are rushed or they don’t decide at all.

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"Real" Competitive Advantage

According to the Deloitte Centre for the Edge, under 25% of the workers it surveyed are passionate about their work. Worse, the level of passion in the workforce turned out to be inversely related to the size of the company. Unsurprisingly perhaps, the self-employed were the most passionate, but the findings indicated that the larger the company, the lower the level of passion among the workers.

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Open, Trusting, Generous: Review of Monkeys With Typewriters, a Book on Leadership

As I made my way through the first third of Monkeys with Typewriters, I was vaguely aware of a tut-tutting from my inner voice, an occasional rolling of my inner eye. "Sheesh, this social media stuff wants to be seen as shiny, new and transformative," they seemed to be saying, "but really it's just another episode in the gradual chipping away at the old Fordist, Taylorist, command-and-control model of the enterprise."

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Leadership Art

Ever since I read Max DePree’s Leadership Jazz (great book, btw), I’ve always considered leadership to be both an art and a science. But I find there‘s a lot more content about the science of leadership (organizational design, management principles, etc.) than there is about the art.

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