Banks’ Apple Pay Opportunity

In a article titled One Banker’s View Of Apple Pay Threats, the SVP of a large bank indicated:

“Though Apple gets a piece of every transaction, the company provides no help to banks in making sure their cards are “top of wallet” for use, or helping users decide which card is best of each situation.”

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Failed CurrentC

According to an article in NFC World about MCX’s mobile wallet (to be named CurrentC):

“Consumers will benefit from using CurrentC in four main ways: 1) Save money with valuable coupons and offers; 2) Earn rewards from participating merchant loyalty programs; 3) Pay simply; and 4) A more secure way to pay.”

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What’s in YOUR Wallet?

How you pay – credit card vs. cash – actually affects how you think about the products you are buying, according to new research published in the Journal of Consumer Research. That, in turn, means that marketers need to review how they are marketing to credit and cash customers.

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Nuts & Bolts: a Simple Collections Procedure

[Nuts & Bolts is a new category focusing on basic business practices for the entrepreneur or established business. Look for new Nuts & Bolts posts approximately weekly.]

I saw my brother-in-law over the holiday, and he mentioned a friend who had started a business selling duck calls. This friend was having trouble collecting from his retailer customers, with the result that he had outstanding receivables of $20,000. Did I have any advice as to how he could collect better?

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Prepaid Ain't Nothing but a Payment Method

In the US wireless marketplace, carriers covet postpaid customers above all, as do their investors. Carriers have focused their businesses on a subscription model comprising subsidized handsets, locked phones and multi-year contracts. They use this approach to limit churn, keep ARPU high, and… well, because they’ve always done it.

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Black Friday Neuromarketing

by: Roger Dooley

Across the U.S., retailers launched massive ad campaigns for the day after Thanksgiving, a.k.a Black Friday.
The biggest shopping day of the year offers retailers a major
challenge: how to get people into THEIR store, because once there the
customers may spend a good part of their holiday gift budget. While
most of the stores use the unsubtle approach of marking a small number
of items down to ruinously low prices, there’s certainly some

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The Top Ten Lies of Guy Kawasaki

by: Guy Kawasaki 

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You Get What You Don’t Pay For: The key to knowledge management

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