Outside Innovation Starts with Inside Innovation

Outside innovation is a systematic process for sourcing, evaluating, and driving ideas through to funding and measuring success but it starts with understanding your internal innovation process.

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The Next Time You Pick Up the Phone to Call a Customer Service Agent You Might End Up Talking to an Inmate in Tijar, India.

Global customer servicing outsourcing is touching us everyday and sometimes you don’t know who you’re talking to on the phone or online when you call your service provider.


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Offshoring Telesales Reduces Close Rates - Why?

I’ve heard from several friends in call center operations that outsourcing inbound telesales to the Philippines has resulted in close rates below expectations. In at least one case that I know of, a company is re-establishing an internal sales center to try to get to the root of why telesales is harder to offshore than customer care.

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The Jury Is Still Out

Does where stuff gets made matter to consumers, and thus to brand identity?

I keep thinking that it does, and that it will play an ever-increasingly important role in purchase decisions. Reality hasn't quite caught up with my forecast.

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2008 Prediction #2: Outsource Consent

by: Jonathan Salem Baskin

Here's a funky New Year's resolution for you: I intend to make fewer decisions on my own, and instead outsource them to people I don’t even know.

I don't think I'll be alone in doing so.

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Innovation in Outsourcing: Definitely Not a Pipe-dream

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We've Outsourced Brain Functions to Silicon

by: Lynette Webb

This is a bit cyborg-ish but I like it 'cos I'd never thought about it in such blunt terms before.

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The Innovation Capitalist

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The Innovation Game Has Changed, BCG’s Andrew Says

by: Yann Gourvennec

In a Chicago Business article BCG’s head of global innovation practice James Andrew is putting his trotters in the trough: Innovation is no longer an option, he tells journalist Samantha Stainburn.

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American Express Sued Over 'My Life, My Card,' Represents Bigger Problems Than a Lawsuit

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