Proof: Headlines Are Crucial

Should you spend as much time polishing the few words of your headline as on the hundreds of words that comprise your news article or blog post? The answer may well be, “Yes!” according to a new study by OTOInsights. In an unusual combination of neuromarketing and social media research, the firm looked at how users responded to Digg entries using eye-tracking and physiological signals (heart rate, breath rate, body temperature, skin conductance) as well as traditional survey methods. What users focused on, and what they mostly ignored, make interesting reading:

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SEO: Beyond Text

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Predicting Viral Video Success

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Getting Serious About In-Game Advertising Metrics

by: Eliane Alhadeff

Via: One To One Interactive

t=zero Report: "Player Engagement and In-Game Advertising"

Jeffrey Bardzell, Ph.D., Shaowen Bardzell, Ph.D., and Tyler Pace 

OTOinsights releases neuromarketing study on IGA

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Neuro Study Predicts Viral Success

By: Ilya Vedrashko

OTOInsights: "One to One Interactive and Innerscope Research had 25 individuals observe 11 viral videos that were uploaded to NewGrounds.com. Our hypothesis was that neurological measures of media engagement could accurately predict the ratings that the NewGrounds online community assigned to viral content.

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