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Stop Blaming the Culture. Check If Your Business Models Have Long Expired

I walked into an event last week in San Francisco to a panel discussing how culture is everything when it comes to innovation. I had to interrupt, because they didn’t really know what they were talking about. Everyone puts an emphasis on culture – understandable, as it’s an easy target to blame as the biggest and single root cause of a company’s inability to reinvent themselves.

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Top 10 #CX Challenges for 2016

What customer experience challenges are you facing this year?

Even though 2016 is already a third of the way over, I thought it would be interesting to share some findings about key customer experience challenges that have been identified for this year. Sadly, they are really not much different from what we've heard in recent years.

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Employee Engagement Drives Customer Engagement

It seems obvious:  employee engagement drives customer engagement. If you treat your employees well, they’re more likely to create great customer experiences. But while this truth may be obvious, how to achieve it may not be. How do you engage your employees? What does excellent employee engagement look like? I found a lot of helpful answers to these questions in my readings this past month.

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How to Define Your Organization’s Values

Corporate leaders love to talk about values. They put them on web sites, frame them, place them prominently in boardrooms and proudly espouse them in media interviews. The notion of values has become so pervasive that it’s hard to find any CEO who doesn’t tout their importance.

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How to Breed Customer Experience by Creating a Successful Company Culture

Guest Post by: Paul Aas, Loyalty Group 

How does a company practice powerful and compelling brand cultures that breed loyalty, performance, differentiation and sustainability

Culture brings people together and allows them in collaboration to manage the challenges of business, and puts the right Customer Strategy into practice.

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Customer Experience: The Road Less Travelled

It has been a while since the last conversation. First, I took time out for a month of holidays. And then in September I was asked to lend a hand in a CX centred next generation CRM and omnichannel programme. Given the demands on my time I will be keeping this conversation short – at least shorter.

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How To Build an Effective Culture

In Team of Teams, General Stanley McChrystal credits his focus on transforming military culture as key to turning the tide in Iraq. He writes that “the role of the leader was no more that of controlling puppet master, but of an empathetic crafter of culture.”

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Is Your Company a "Best Employer"?

What does it take to be a "Best Employer" company? And why is that a goal worth setting - and achieving - for your organization?

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How Google Attacks Problems - Not People

One Friday afternoon in 2002, long before his company became a household verb, Larry Page walked into the office kitchen and posted some printouts of results from Google’s AdWords engine. On top, in big bold letters, he wrote, “THESE ADS SUCK.”

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Unlocking Organisational Magic Through Effective Leadership

Let’s imagine that you want to play the sales effectiveness game. What does it take to play this game well – effectively? At a minimum it takes folks in marketing and the folks in sales to play well together – as one team. Take a broader look, play with the time horizon, and you are likely to find that it takes folks in product development, engineering, strategy/finance, marketing, and sales to work well together.

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